Allegra Duchaine is a boldly spirited San Diego-born singer, songwriter, collective energizer, soul-igniter, believer and all around life lover.
 Lyrically inspired by greats like Paul Simon and James Taylor, Allegra started making original music at age 16 with her first band Next Exit.  
She then took off to Orange County for the college experience, and throughout those  next four years, she honed, tightened and tuned her muscial/lyrical skill.  
In 2003, she jumped - heart first -  into the LA scene.  
Soon after that she followed that same heart to NYC and, after 2 years with the city at her feet, returned to the west coast.

From her first album Singer in 1999 to her latest 2015 release Little Victories,
Allegra never ceases to astonish with her vocal and lyrical skills.  Time has taken her from a young, untarnished teen into a beautifully seasoned, soulful treasure.  
Allegra is willing and able to draw from her personal experiences and turn them into music that speaks to our collective core.
She writes to inspire the soul and to ignite a sense of undeniable passion she is certain exists, deep down, in everyone. 
She writes about the deeper truths behind and beyond the everyday that anyone who has felt the pain of loss, or the joy of knowing and being known can appreciate . 
She believes there is power in happiness and heartbreak, as well as in feeling the rhythm and dancing in the kitchen.
And when you listen you will without a doubt fall in love.


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